Newsletter 2014, Vol.3

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15 Years Enablement

Newsletter 2014 Vol. 3

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Celebrating a Milestone

This year August we celebrated a milestone: 15 years of Enablement in a world where there will always be a need for "enablers". Enablement was formed in August 1999 by Huib Cornielje as a knowledge institute in the field of disability, Community Based Rehabilitation and inclusion. Now -15 years down the line – Enablement has grown from 1 person working 1 day a week to a private not-for-profit company with 4 highly motivated – mainly young professionals (2.8 fte). We are thankful to all associate members who have been collaborating with Enablement throughout the years. We also sincerely thank our clients, INGOs, NGOs, donor organisations, governments, universities for their ongoing trust in Enablement. We will continue to serve the field of disability and development with renewed elan and increasingly in collaboration with expert partners, as well as within consortia. As such I would like to refer to the strategic partnership with the Liliane Foundation as outlined below. We also established linkages with MetaMeta in the field of inclusive water management and agriculture as well as with IRC and KIT in the field of inclusive WASH. 

Presentation of New Staff

We welcome 2 new staff members:
Joyce den Besten is a nurse by profession and is having an MSc in Public Health from the VU University in Amsterdam and an Advanced Master International Development from the University of Nijmegen. She has been appointed to oversee and manage research activities.

Marije Cornielje obtained a 2-year Research Master (MSc) in the field of International Development Sociology and Research from Wageningen University. She previously conducted research in Nepal, Bangladesh, Ireland, Malawi and The Netherlands. The topics that she addressed were, amongst others, specified towards the evaluation of rehabilitation programs, sexual and reproductive health, and wellbeing and social networks of elderly. 

Knowledge Centre for the Liliane Foundation

Enablement and Liliane Foundation wish to further develop their collaboration. Enablement, together with the Liliane Foundation, will establish a Knowledge Center that will generate more quality and evidence-based knowledge in Community Based Rehabilitation. In this partnership Enablement will be knowledge broker in CBR whereby the Liliane Foundation will be common denominator of a large network of (strategic) partner organizations. Having access to this network will give Enablement opportunities to share its knowledge on CBR and at the same time to learn from the experience of partners who implement CBR. 



From the 1st of October 2014 Enablement-Nepal , a local Nepali NGO has been registered in Kathmandu.  Enablement-Nepal  will offer services in the field of disability and development at both national and international level. An Executive Board has been formed consisting of well-known Nepali experts working in the field of disability and development. It is expected that by January 2015 the first international trainings will be delivered. Reflecting on the current developments as well as on the positive experiences of offering international courses in Nepal we are convinced that there is great potential to develop a sustainable and flexible organisation that can provide training, research and consultancy activities in Nepal and the entire Asian region. For queries consult Mr Kiran Wagle.

Promising Innovations

  • We created a series of flashcards that allow for identification of disability, provision of basic interventions and appropriate referral. These flashcards are currently fieldtested in Timor-Leste and Ethiopia and after a 6-months evaluation and revision will become available.
  • By the end of this year we will release a 15-minute documentary on the role of field staff in CBR that has been created by filmmaker Thomas Koopman. The video recording was hosted by the Karuna Foundation in Nepal.  
  • A curriculum for a Training of Trainers course has been developed and translated into French with financial support of CBM, Light for the World and the American Leprosy Missions. The first training will take place in Niger in the first half of November this year.
  • Enablement is working on a curriculum of an Advocacy Course on Disability Rights for the Liliane Foundation. The aim of this course is to provide local NGOs and DPOs with hands-on skills to advocate for various injustices. Like other courses of Enablement, the methodology will be entirely practical with ample opportunity to work out real-life cases, such as videos, newspaper articles and fieldwork experiences. 

Course Calendar 2015

Find below our tentative course calendar for 2015. More information and an application form can be found at our website: Updated course brochures will soon become available.

Tailor-made Training of Trainers

Dates: 06/01 - 16/01
Place: Kathmandu, Nepal - in collaboration with Enablement-Nepal
Target group: Lecturers of the National University of Timor-Leste (UNTL)
Description: this course will be tailor-made to prepare prospective lectureres for the 1-year Diploma Course in Community Based Rehabilition.

Training of Trainers

Dates: 19/01 - 30/01
Place: Kathmandu, Nepal - in collaboration with Enablement-Nepal
Target group: experience staff in the field of CBR and disability inclusive development with a role in capacity building
Description: this course will be directed at training skills within the context of CBR and disability inclusive development. Most emphasis is put on skills improvement and therefore the course will be very practical of nature. Students will learn how to use their own expertise in CBR and inclusive development as a basis for human resource development

CBR Introduction Course

Dates: 13/04 - 24/04
Place: Kathmandu, Nepal, in collaboration with Enablement-Nepal
Target group: staff of (Non) Governmental Organisations working in the field of CBR and disability inclusive development

Description: this course will introduce staff into the state-of-the-art practices in Community Based Rehabilitation. It will address the strategy's cornerstones, such as the WHO CBR Matrix and Guidelines and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Besides, participants will enhance skills in Project Management and Evaluation, community mobilisation and networking, lobby and advocacy

Introduction en RBC

Date: 11/05 - 22/05
Lieu: Dakar, Sénégal, en collaboration avec la DAHW
Target group: staff of (Non) Governmental Organisations working in the Groupe cible: le personnel des organisations (non) gouvernementales travaillant dans le domaine de la RBC et le développement inclusif
 Déscription: ce cours vise à introduire personnel dans l'état du développement de la Réadaptation à Base Communautaire. Il abordera les pierres angulaires de la stratégie, comme l'OMS Guide de la RBC et la Convention des Nations Unies relative aux Droits des Personnes Handicapées. En outre, les étudiants amélioreront leurs compétences en gestion de projet et de l'évaluation, la mobilisation communautaire et le réseautage, lobbying et le plaidoyer

Tailor-made Training Liliane Foundation

Dates: 08/06 - 19/06
Place: still to be decided upon
Description: based upon the kick-off workshop in March and an extensive context and training needs analysis a tailor-made training will be provided.

Monitoring and Evaluation in Disability and Development

Dates: 28/09 - 09/10
Place: Kathmandu, Nepal, in collaboration with Enablement-Nepal
Target group: managers, policy makers and evaluators in CBR and disability inclusive development
Description: Participants will be equipped with the required competencies to monitor and evaluate programmes in order to draw lessons from experiences and set the direction for future developments. Field assignment, debate, real life case and exercises are among a large variety of training methodologies.

Master class in CBR

Dates: 09/11 - 20/11
Place: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in collaboration with ALERT training centre
Target group: staff of (Non) Governmental Organisations working in the field of CBR and disability inclusive development
Description: The course will enhance students’ understanding of the state-of-the-art CBR discourse. From there strategic questions will be addressed on how to advance the strategy locally in order to ensure the inclusion of people with disabilities in all spheres of social life.