Disability Inclusive Water Management

MetaMeta - a research institute on water and natural resource management - and Enablement developed a joint position paper on inclusive agricultural water management: "Disability and Age Inclusive Water Management". This paper addresses the barriers that people with disabilities encounter in accessing water for agriculture, the lack of inclusive agricultural programmes, and the opportunities and benefits of inclusive agricultural water management. We argue that access to water for agriculture benefits the livelihood of people with disabilities and their families, and that the benefits in both the individual and the society exceed the costs of removing barriers. We see this paper as a start towards improving the lives of people with disabilities in rural areas. On basis of our findings we plan to conduct a number of studies/projects that will provide evidence for the need for more inclusive agricultural water management. 

Position paper inclusive water management

The position paper can be downloaded from the website we dedicated to this knowledge area: 
Disability Inclusive Water Management and Agriculture

The WaterChannel provides many resources such as videos and case studies. 

Inclusive water management