Staff and associates

Enablement Staff

Huib Cornielje... the director. Huib is originally trained as a physiotherapist and gained his first international experience in South Africa. This is where he learned about the importance of a Community Based Rehabilitation approach. Many years later, Huib is now an experienced trainer, researcher, evaluator and consultant in the CBR and DID field. Huib leads Enablement and works parttime as the senior technical advisor on CBR and research at Liliane Foundation.

Mirian Wester... consultant disability and disaster management. Mirian is a social worker and studied a Master in Disaster Management. Mirian has research experience from The Philippines on Inclusive Disaster Risk Management. Mirian is coordinating the development of the RehApp chapters and involved in the Dana-funded project in Myanmar on access to employment.

Angelique Kester... senior advisor childhood disability. Angelique is an experienced occupational therapist who, besides her job at Enablement, works 3 days a week with children with a disability in the field of pediatric rehabilitation. Angelique also runs the Butterfly Basket Foundation in Vietnam. Angelique plays an essential part in the STEP-project of the Liliane Foundation, which focuses on better care and rehabilitation for children with neurological disorders.

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