Research and Development

Throughout the past 15 years, Enablement initiated and contributed to several research studies. Each of these studies contributed to the body of knowledge of CBR. The main objective of our studies is to answer the question: does this approach or structure contribute to an improved quality of life of persons with disabilities?
Enablement is actively involved in the design of two innovative Monitoring and Evaluation tools that will soon become available:

Roads to Inclusion

A toolkit designed by Light for the World Austria and Enablement to monitor changes towards disability-inclusive societies.

The PIE toolkit

An impact evaluation toolkit, which is a joint product of the University College of London, the University of Cape Town, the Royal Tropical Institute and Enablement, consisting of a set of tools to measure impact at the community level.


In 2016 Enablement will carry out 2 research projects that have been awarded a research grant by the Leprosy Relief Initiative

Role of churches in fighting stigma

The role of Christian churches in leprosy and disability related stigma, in the Nigerian middle belt states.
a) What is the perception of Christian leaders and church members in the Nigerian middle belt states on leprosy?
b) What are possible interventions to reduce stigma towards persons affected by leprosy and disability, according to church leaders and church members in the Nigerian middle belt states?

LRI research team

​Access to water for persons with disabilities

Breaking down barriers: strategies to include people with physical disabilities, with a specific focus on people with disabilities due to leprosy, in agriculture in Nepal.
- How can improved access to water for agriculture improve the wellbeing and inclusion of people with physical disabilities and their families?

Inclusive water management

Enablement believes that more evidence is needed on the (cost-)effectiveness of CBR and disability inclusive development and is committed to initiate or contribute to longitudinal studies. 

We usually work together with professional research and educational institutions, amongst which many universities. Enablement strongly encourages the participation of persons with a disability in research. Therefore, we frequently use Action Research methodology in our studies. Action Research is the most inclusive model of disability research and inquires disciplined cooperation of many stakeholders.

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