The Dream of Inclusion for All

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Enablement Publisher’s first book, “The Dream of Inclusion for All”, has been well received for training purposes in Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR). More than 20 partners of Enablement contributed stories of real-life situations related to disability in Africa, Latin America and Asia. These stories have been modified into powerful training materials in Community Based Rehabilitation; all with different methodologies for adult education. Following the domains of the WHO CBR Guidelines, 27 chapters are compiled for use in training settings for fieldworkers and managers at basic and advanced levels.

Real life case stories

The title of the book is derived from the preface by David Werner: “If our aim is inclusion – for the disabled child/person and for all who are marginalized or not given a fair chance – we must unite behind a collective radical dream: The Dream of Inclusion for All”. All stories illustrate the need to adapt solutions to the local environment. Each narrative is followed by assignments for adult education, such as debate, role-plays and suggested activities for the group exploration of “questions that can not be answered from behind a desktop”. The book is extensively illustrated with photographs and cartoons. A DVD is included with all chapters in Word- and PDF-format, as well as some documentaries and a range of publications for recommended reading.

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How to use this book

  1. Expectatations about tasks of fieldworkers in Indonesia
  2. Decentralizing disability programmes in Vietnam
  3. Assessment of service quality in Vietnam
  4. HIV/AIDs and disability in South Africa
  5. Inclusive education in El Salvador
  6. Ambition in Ethiopia
  7. School for deaf children in Tanzania
  8. A role model in the Philippines
  9. Can small handicrafts break big barriers in Pakistan?
  10. Income generating activities: mushroom growers in Malawi
  11. Unexpected developments in East-Timor
  12. Using the ICF in India
  13. Different ethical viewpoints in Nepal
  14. "Fire from heaven", a folk story from Tanzania
  15. A housing project in Vietnam
  16. Breaking barriers through sports in South Africa
  17. Mental health in Nepal
  18. Protection of children with disabilities in Ethiopia
  19. Advocacy in El Salvador
  20. Lobby and advocacy in South Africa
  21. Programme assessment in Nepal
  22. CBR in a post-disaster situation in Indonesia
  23. Needs analysis in a tribal community in India
  24. Management and leadership in South Africa
  25. Using information for planning
  26. CBR-Matrix
  27. Project design in Nigeria

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This publication has been made possible with financial support of the Netherlands Leprosy Relief and Caritas Germany.

Review from India on The Dream of Inclusion for All: 17.September 2013:
" I read most of the case studies... This is a very useful reference guide to document our success and challenges in CBR. My sincere thanks to the Enablement team for publishing this book and also for reaching out through social media and providing sustained guidance!"