Newsletter 2014 Vol.1


Newsletter 2014 Vol. 1

From the past to...

In 2013 it has been 10 years since WHO presented its official CBR review in Helsinki. The conference is regarded to be a milestone, as&nbsp;interesting developments took place&nbsp;in the aftermath. Still, at the time there was&nbsp;a lot of criticism on the fact that since&nbsp;so little data was available on the success of CBR, one could not consider it a serious review. In 10 years time the focus of CBR has moved from mere medical rehabilitation of individuals to local inclusive development at society level. We welcome this broader focus and support the approach that where society is more inclusive, the individual person with a disability will benefit. However, we also feel that the medical and functional needs of individuals still are the stepping stone for development at a broader scale. We see that there is still a need for pure technical skills of CBR agents as well as for reflective reasoning skills. Hands-on skills for physical rehabilitation, multi-sectoral collaboration, education,&nbsp;income generation programs and many other related fields of&nbsp;expertise&nbsp;are just as much needed&nbsp;<span style="line-height: 1.6em;">as the more popular&nbsp;lobby and advocacy strategies. Therefore we are exploring the outlines of a close partnership with Liliane Foundation.&nbsp;Therefore we are extending our training program with a number of courses, such as a Monitoring and Evaluation Course in CBR. Therefore we invest in development of new materials, such as a series of flashcards for identification of disability, basic interventions and referral. The latter is a direct result from a demand&nbsp;for practical tools we observed during a&nbsp;1-year diploma course in CBR we designed in collaboration with the National University of Timor-Leste. In 2014 we hope to continue our commitment to be of support to ground-level CBR agents and CBR developments and welcome any ally to improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities in any part of the world. It is our shared responsibility to make sure an extensive database of best-practices will become available for any future CBR review.


Training Calendar

2014 promises to become a dynamic year with regard to training delivery. Our course program has been extended with a number of courses, among others a Training of Trainers-course in the French language. For the upcoming CBR Introduction Course, from 3-14 March in Nepal, as well as for the Management and Leadership Course, from 31. March to 11. April in The Netherlands, there is still room for a few more participants.

Click here to find our updated training calendar.

Joint research Light for the World Austria - Enablement

Light for the World Austria and Enablement are planning an action research project to be carried out in 2014 in the countries: Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, North- East India and South Sudan. It aims to contribute to getting a better insight into the ways attitudinal, institutional and environmental barriers can be removed while creating an inclusive environment through a CBR approach. The study aims to have the following results:

  • Perceptions on social inclusion in local society at various levels are described and systematized with data from different cultures.
  • A management tool to measure progress in the area of social inclusion in CBR projects is available.

Capacity building in Nigeria

Enablement jointly with CREATE (South Africa) will train key staff of the Department 

of Special Needs Education and Rehabilitation of the University of Jos, Plateau State in Nigeria in Community Based Rehabilitation. The first training will take place from the 13th to the 24th of January and a second training is planned for April this year. The Department of Special Needs Education and Rehabilitation of the University of Jos will commence in February this year a 2-year Diploma course in Community Based Rehabilitation. The preparatory training in January will  - in part - take place in the actual community setting of Plateau State. Both short training TOT programmes are funded by NUFFIC. 

High level training Members of Parliament Plateau State Nigeria

Twenty-four Members of Parliament of Plateau State and one clerk will be coming to The Netherlands in April this year. They will follow a training programme focusing on policy making in inclusive development and Community Based Rehabilitation. The training will include exposure visits and meetings and discussions with Dutch politicians and key disability activists.  An exciting development as the Disability Rights Commission (DRC) of Plateau State will develop Community Based Rehabilitation services in all 17 districts in Plateau State within the coming years.

Revival CBR training at ALERT, Ethiopia

For years Enablement has delivered CBR trainings have been provided at the medical faculty ALERT in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Organizational difficulties made these trainings being abandoned in the past few years. The installation of a new management board, which is dedicated to host CBR trainings and initiate development, has opened the way for new CBR trainings to be delivered in Ethiopia. A CBR Introduction Course is planned from the 3rd to the 14th of November. The course is purposively planned in the week prior to the CBR Africa Conference that will take place in Nairobi, Kenya, from the 18th to the 22nd of November, so that participation in the course could be matched with participation in the conference.  Click to find more info on the training calendar.

2013, work in progress

BIKASH: UNCRPD orientation to government staff Nepal

The Government of Nepal ratified the UNCRPD in 2010. However, dissemination of information and awareness even within the government structure remain very low. Particularly at district level government people are not aware of the UNCRPD and other prevailing disability rights laws. BIKASH Nepal organized a one-day orientation to government officers in Rupandehi district of Nepal where 40 government officers participated. 

BIKASH: training on knowledge management and behavior change

BIKASH Nepal facilitated a two-day training on knowledge management and behavior change to NGO staff. As this is a new area for NGOs and many NGOs may want to train their staff in the field, BIKASH Nepal will explore ways and develop a training 
manual on the subject covering the aspects of knowledge management in CBR and disability.

CBR Impact Tool

Substantial progress has been in the development of a CBR Impact Tool. Visits were paid to Malawi and Uganda where the tool will be tested. A series of meetings took place in London, Amsterdam, Alphen aan den Rijn and Cape Town and we feel confident to start in January 2014 with the training of research staff as well as the actual implementation of the tool in the 2 countries.  

Strategic workshop GLRA, Germany

Huib Cornielje was facilitator and resource person during two workshops that were organized by GLRA to further develop strategies in the field of CBR. It is expected that the draft CBR policy paper will play an important role in the further development of CBR in countries where GLRA is active.

Strategic workshop Disability Rights Commission Plateau State, Nigeria

Huib Cornielje together with Erik Post facilitated in September the strategic workshop organised by the Netherlands Leprosy Relief and the Disability Rights Commission Plateau State, Nigeria. This was a challenging and exciting workshop as the Disability Rights Commission of Plateau State has committed itself to rolling out CBR in Plateau State and allocated also substantial funds for this development. 

Francophone Africa

In October 2013 Enablement's first training in the French language was provided by Evert Veldman in Dakar, Senegal. The course, co-facilitated by Mahamath Cisse from DAHW Senegal and Elie Bagbila from Light for the World Burkina Faso was highly valued by all participants with an average score of 9 out of 10 over all subjects. The second CBR Introduction Coure in French is planned from the 23rd of June to the 3rd of July in Burkina Faso. A Training of Trainers (Formation des Formateurs) is currently being translated to be conducted in October, most likely in Senegal.


Capacity Building in Tanzania

Enablement delivered a 2-week Training of Trainers programme in CBR at CCBRT in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. This assignment will be continued in April 2014 when Roelie Wolting (Enablement Associate) will make a follow-up on the training and will asses in how far the CBR supervisors and field workers have been able to better equip parents of children with cerebral palsy with competencies needed to establish and run parent support groups


In 2013 a few publications were written, namely;

  • One chapter by Huib Cornielje and one by Marieke Boersma (Enablement  Associate) in book published by CAN Africa and based on the Abuja Conference of October 2010 entitled  Linking CBR, Disability and Rehabilitation 
  • “Count me in”, the publication jointly written by Enablement, Light for the World Netherlands and the VU University with contributions from Roelie Wolting (Enablement Associate) and Huib Cornielje has been translated into French, entitled “Tiens compte de moi”.
  • Kuipers P, Cornielje H, Alternative responses to the Human Resource Challenge for CBR.DCIDJ, vol. 23, No 4, pp 17-23. 



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